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About Us

Payce is designed to help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be.

We're a new kind of rewards program, one that doesn't require you to remember a membership number or carry yet another key fob. We're here to help you earn cash back by using the credit and debit cards you already have, shopping at stores you already frequent.

We married extensive experience in consumer finance, business development, marketing, and rewards management to both deep relationships across multiple industries and an unflagging entrepreneurial spirit in order to create a new paradigm in the loyalty space. Payce is focused on helping you achieve your most important goals.

Payce's unique approach allows you, and millions of other members, to earn cash back on top of your existing credit and debit card rewards across a network of tens of thousands of participating merchants. You don't need to change where you shop or how you do it — Payce is designed around your life and delivers rewards to you from stores and restaurants you're already using.