About Us

Payce is designed to help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be.

Payce is your go-to platform and Chrome browser extension designed to make your online shopping experience more rewarding. We're all about finding you the best cash- back rewards and coupons at over 10,000 merchants – and applying it to your debt, Venmo, PayPal, bank account or a charity.

As you shop online for every day essentials with the Payce Program, we work in the background finding you cash-back offers and coupons. So, don't change how you shop online, or even where you do it. We're designed and dedicated to delivering rewards to you from online stores you already know and love.

Unlike other rewards programs, Payce will automatically direct your cash back to help you achieve goals that matter to you. With Payce, the way you use your cash back is as unique as you.