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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Payce?

Payce is a rewards program that helps you pay down debt or earn cash back on your everyday spending with hundreds of merchants at thousands of locations.

How does Payce work?

Join. Link. Shop. Earn. It's that easy.

  • Earn cash back on online purchases by logging in and linking from the Payce website to the merchant's site to shop.
  • Earn cash back on card-linked purchases paying with a card you link to Payce.

How much does it cost to join?

Payce is a free program, there is no cost to join.

Why do you ask for my card numbers?

When you provide your credit and debit card numbers, we notify your card issuer (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) that you are a Payce member. They note your account and let us know when you have made an eligible purchase so that we can work with the merchants to collect the cash back you earned. Payce does not store your card information and will never charge your card for being a member of Payce.

Not all cards and transactions are eligible to earn. Debit card payments must be processed as 'credit' in order to be tracked. Do not use a PIN at checkout. For full details review the Terms of Use.

How do I receive my Cash Back?

When your received/posted cash back balance reaches at least $10, Payce will automatically distribute your posted cash back balance to pay down a debt or deposit to your bank account. You can designate an account to pay by going to your Payce profile and selecting 'My Accounts'.

How many merchants are part of the Payce program?

Hundreds of merchants with thousands of locations participate. Click the Shop button to see participating merchants.

Can I earn rewards from other loyalty programs if I receive cash back from Payce?

Yes. You continue to earn the points, miles or other rewards you normally earn on the credit and debit cards you register.

How can I be sure all my eligible purchases are recognized for both my online and card-linked shopping?

To ensure you receive cash back for your eligible online purchases:

  1. Always start your online shopping on the Payce website to link to the merchant you want to shop and complete your purchase like normal.
  2. Be sure that your security settings allow cookies.

To ensure you receive cash back for your eligible card-linked purchases:

  1. Check to make sure which merchants are offering cash back before shopping.
  2. Make purchases with the credit and debit cards linked to your Payce account.
  3. When paying with a linked debit card, select 'credit', do not use a PIN. For full details review the Terms of Use.

What type of cards can I link to my Payce account?

You can link all your credit and debit cards backed by the Visa, Mastercard or American Express networks. Discover cards are currently not eligible for card-linked cash back. Payce does not store your card information and will never charge your card for being a member of Payce. 

How much cash back can I earn with Payce?

The amount of cash back a member earns varies based on:

  • The number of eligible purchases made.
  • The total amount of your eligible purchases.
  • The cash back percentage offered by the merchants.

Who pays the cash back I earn?

Participating merchants determine the amount of the reward you can earn and pay the cash back in return for your purchases.

Do I need to save my receipt to earn cash back?

When you shop online by linking from the Payce site, or shop card-linked with your linked credit or debit cards, you automatically earn cash back on eligible purchases.

Can I keep cash back for returned purchases?

No. Your cash back will be adjusted to reflect returned purchases.

How long does it take after a purchase for my cash back to post to my account?

Merchants typically notify us of the pending rewards you've earned within 2 to 30 days, and they normally pay your rewards within 90-120 days. Some purchases may take longer to appear in your account.

How do I track my cash back?

You can track the cash back you earn on your rewards view and track your cash back distributions on your distributions view on the Payce website.

How often are new offers added?

New offers are added to Payce on a regular basis.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can easily reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the Login screen.

What do I do if I get locked out of my account?

If you attempt to log in with an incorrect user name or password too many times, the system will lock you out. Generally, your account will unlock and you can try to log back in 30 minutes later.

What do I do if the earnings information is not correct?

The cash back you earn is typically noted within 2 days, but it can take 30 days for some merchants to report. If you don't see a recent purchase, please wait 30 days and then contact us at

What if I no longer want to receive marketing from Payce?

You can opt out of receiving marketing emails in the footer of any marketing email you receive from Payce.

Can I cancel my Payce account?

Yes, but we'd be sad to see you go. To cancel your Payce account, please email us at

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact Payce at